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Special Hunts

Kentucky State Parks Hunts

Water Fowl Hunts

Water fowl hunts are held at Lake Barkley, Greenbo Lake, Paintsville Lake, Nolin River Lake, Lincoln Homestead, and Yatesville Lake.  Hunters need to call the respective park to sign up. Dates and regulations on state park water fowl hunts can be found at


Deer Hunts

As part of a wildlife management plan to sustain healthy wildlife populations, balanced ecosystems and reduced destruction of natural resources, the Kentucky Department of Parks, in co-operation with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, allows a limited number of deer hunts at select parks. 

Many deer populations have grown to unacceptable levels at state parks. Deer may begin to exhibit signs of starvation and disease, with lower birth rates, lower overall size and weight, and more vehicle collisions. Because of this, the Kentucky State Parks permit limited deer hunts. 


More information on participating parks coming soon.


Find information on state park deer seasons and state park deer hunt requirements HERE.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Kentucky State Parks.