Longhunter Trail

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Longhunter Trail
Pine Mountain State Resort Park
1050 State Park Road
Pineville, KY 40977
Pineville, KY
Daniel Boone Country


This short loop trail is adjacent to the park's Upper Shelter Picnic Area. The trail has two entrances; one is located directly across the road from the Upper Shelter parking lot entrance, and the other at the bottom of a set of steps near the playground area. The principal feature along this path is a great natural sandstone rock shelter called Longhunter Cave. While not actually a cave, the site likely served as a temporary dwelling for Longhunters passing through the region in the 1700s. Visitors will discover an unusual window like formation called a "lighthouse". An intermittent stream flows through it during periods of prolonged rain. A small, concealed arch called Bear Rock Arch may be found near the back of the shelter. Local folklore maintains that the area is so named because longhunters tossed ropes up through the opening and hoisted bears and other large game animals up for cleaning and skinning. Also of interest on this trail is a view of a unique vaulted arch roadway bridge constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s. Elevation change of 60 feet and marked with dark green blazes.

    Trail Details
    • Length (mi.): .2
    • Difficulty: Easy